National Law School Debate Workshop

Two Trainers - Mr.Sarangan and Mr.Osho

The National Law School (NLS) Debate workshop 2017 was held on the 2nd and 3rd of November at NPS International Mysore. The two trainers, Mr. Sarangan and Mr. Osho, from NLSIU Bangalore, enlightened the students with the nuances of parliamentary debating, emphasizing on the 3 M's - Manner, Matter and Method of debating. The workshop kicked off with them explaining the fundamentals of parliamentary debate. The trainers were influential in channelizing the students’ thoughts through many of the debates that spoke volumes about their knowledge of the Indian society and law. The participants debated on some of the most happening issues like the ‘death penalty’ and 'right to privacy'. The trainers were exceptional teachers who had thorough knowledge of the topics and patiently answered all the questions posed by the students. . The students learnt how to judge a debate and practised several motions. They were made to feel like Prime Ministers and Leaders of Opposition trying to defend cases and addressing issues of national concern. This workshop kindled a spark of interest within our students’ minds to pursue law as their future profession.

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