A Journey towards Botanical Exploration

The students of class 5 explored their journey towards botanical life by visiting Sampath Nursery on Thursday 29 August 2019. They learnt about flowering and non flowering plants like Jade, Syngonium and many more. As part of their outdoor learning, they were shown stem planting and grafting of two different plants.

The students learnt about potting and repotting of plants and were enlightened about different medicinal plants such as Malabar Spinach, Mexican Mint, and Sessile Joyweed. They were inquisitive to learn more about its medicinal values and ways to nurture the plants.

The students had a wonderful learning experience and were excited to see various types of herbs, shrubs and trees. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude through a ‘thank you’ card to Ms Sheela and Mr Siddaraju, the proprietors of the nursery for their time in explaining about the processes involved in plant care.

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