Visit to Srirangapatna

Students of class 7 had gone on on a field trip to Srirangapatna, which has its rich cultural history dating back to the times of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, on Wednesday 25 September 2019.Students visited Sriranganatha Swamy Temple, where the architectural details of the temple were explained to them. As they went around the temple, they observed every sculpture and learnt about their importance. Then the students were taken to Colonell Bailey’s dungeon where the criminals were imprisoned during the reign of Tipu Sultan. They also saw the place where his body was found after the 4th Anglo Mysore war.

The students were taken to Tipu’s summer palace- Dariya daulat. It was a treat to the eyes to watch the scenes from the battle field, painted on the walls, portrayed Tipu’s majesty and his heroism against the British. The students were very thrilled to watch the museum which had art, craft, arms, furniture, and ammunition used during that period. The students enjoyed learning about the history of Mysore, during this fun filled trip.

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