Classroom Activities

Play Learn and Grow Together

To refresh our preschoolers memory of letter recognition as well as knowing the sounds for each letter, this activity of identifying the letter and placing the picture associated to the letter was a fun activity for preschoolers to learn while playing! For Independence Day a tri- colour activity was also conducted. Children carried tri colour snacks to school, significance of Tri colour was taught to the children. For activity with numbers, students of KGI had a 50mts race on synthetic track, children were lined up on the track which was numbered. Athletes were also given numbers and instructed to run as the whistle blows to the finishing point. Children responded to the oral instructions given, using ordinal numbers they also used the mathematical vocabulary appropriately.

Outdoor games are always fun! As we know playing outside gives children the chance to socialize with their peer group, they also develop self-confidence. Physical activities are good for health, fitness and physical development. Outdoor Games including Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, Relay and Running race were conducted .Children enjoyed running on the track, playing on the hand ball court, jumping into the baby pool with their colourful swimming costumes.

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