Classroom Activities

Role Play

Students of Class 2 were all ready and set to take part in their most favourite activity – Role play. The role play was based on the lesson ’Counting the Camels’. Students enjoyed the narration of the lesson and were brimming with ideas to put up their best in the form of role play. They were divided into different groups and were given a stipulated time to plan their performance. After an enthusiastic discussion they were finally ready to put their show.

As their group names were called out they presented the story in a spectacular way and that showed the meticulous planning they had done which avoided chaos and confusion. It was a moment of pride to watch them perform with zeal. The students had also got creative properties which had a lot of detailing and the best thing about it was, it was completely prepared by them. The activity ended with showers of applause and left the students embracing the fun moment. It was indeed an opportunity to discover their strengths.

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