Sanskrit Day

Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated to mark the importance of Sanskrit language, the first among the ancient languages spoken in India. Sanskrit Diwas is also known as Sanskrit Day. Sanskrit Day was first observed in the year 1969.

Every year this day is celebrated in NPSI Mysore to commemorate the mother of all languages. The program began with the melodious chanting of hymns in Sanskrit along with the lighting of lamp. This was followed by a speech which explained the four Vedas and their importance. After the speech, a video was shown on the scientific discoveries during the vedic age. This totally captivated the audience. A student from class IX spoke about the Upanishads which gives knowledge of self or absolute truth which eliminates one's ignorance about one's own self. The speech was also about 'karma', which literally means action. 'Karma' determines the condition of next birth. It says that rebirth can be avoided by attaining Moksha. The young students enthralled the audience through a beautiful dance drama which depicted a conversation between father Maharshi Aruni and son Shwetaketu, highlighting spiritual knowledge.

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