Senior Secondary Programme

The pride of NPS International Mysore, is the batch of senior secondary students at school. Their spark of confidence ignited, this special group of students have carved a niche for themselves in NPSI family, taking part in interschool events and proving to be leaders in the making. They are encouraged to believe in themselves and have maintained a laudable record of discipline and hard work, willing to step into an atmosphere of competition and excellence. Talented, energetic and raring to go, this senior group at NPSI Mysore is already into organizing events and leading their junior batches.

School life ends with the senior secondary level and it will be our ceaseless effort to make these students capable of facing the heavy demands of games, leadership and very often, social life. The capacity to balance these pursuits is very important and we are sure that our senior students embrace the meaning of our school motto in its completeness: 'Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond' as a way forward to achieving personal goals and happiness in life.

Class XI and XII

Our teaching is aimed at helping Class XI and Class XII students access the best universities across the globe and in India. In a curriculum that is balanced between Science, Mathematics, Technology and Commerce, it also allows students to pursue these subjects that will satisfy any and all university entrance requirements including Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Business. It is our strong belief that students who complete our programmes will be academically prepared to embrace the brilliant opportunities of the new century.

Subjects offered at the Senior Secondary for students applying for Commerce Stream and Science Stream are given below

Commerce Stream Science Stream
(P - Physics, C - Chemistry, M - Mathematics, B - Biology, C - Computer Science,
E - Entrepreneurship, B - Business Studies, Eco - Economics, A - Accountancy)

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