A Plethora of Languages

Languages are a part of us and is the best way to express ourselves. On 5 November 2019, the NPSItes caught a glimpse of the versatility of languages, during ‘Language Day’ celebrations.

Singing in synchronization, the Sanskrit students commenced the show on a melodious note. What a blend of ragas it was! Ms Gagana briefed us about the rich culture and the traditional history of Sanskrit, the mother of many languages.

French fashion never fails to impress. The students in the French stream walked the ramp, giving us an idea of the most sought after fashion trends and which has influenced the apparel tastes of people, around the globe. Fashion show was followed by a presentation of some French songs, sung with mastered fluency.

Hindi, our national language, is our pride. The students of this language group set our feet tapping through their dance. The mastery over the moves and the rhythm were a feast to the eyes. Ms Nandini addressed the students and enlightened them about how Hindi became the national language of our country.

November is the time for the Kannadigas to rejoice and reminisce the rich heritage of Karnataka. This was perfectly flavoured by Ms Meenakshi’s interactive talk, infused with creative riddles, which held the audience in rapt attention. The students of class IX rendered a melodious musical note, mesmerising the audience.

The day commemorated the linguistic importance of the four languages- Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit and French. It was a celebration like never before and aptly conveyed the message that a master of many languages can feel at home anywhere in the world.

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