Talk by Mr. James Harding –Senior Advisor


Talk by Mr. James Harding

Mr. James Harding, the Senior Advisor of UCAS, an organization connected with all the Universities in UK and Ireland visited our school on 5 December 2017and spoke to the students of Class11 who are at the threshold of applying for Universities for their undergraduate programme.

He spoke in detail on the procedures of applying for universities abroad, the requirements and the preparation a student needs to make before applying to universities abroad.

He emphasized on the need to score good grades throughout the academic year and that a student needs to have clarity of thought as to which course he or she needs to pursue after Class 12. He also suggested that they need to be able to critically analyze their choice of subjects and universities.

Mr. James Harding also spoke about the role of UCAS and how they pitch in to guide students who want to study abroad. He threw light on the fact that students need to choose universities based on their scores.

At the end of the session students asked a lot of questions which were very patiently answered by Mr. Harding and his team. It was a very informative and interactive session. Later Mr. James Harding met the Principal and assured the school of all the required support from UCAS as an organization.

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