Alumni Speak

The Alma mater by default, becomes every school kid’s second home. Likewise, National Public School was my second home for 10 years of my academic life. Born into a very traditional Indian family, my father, strived to inculcate self discipline into my upbringing. When he enquired about the schools in Bangalore, one of his friend’s suggested that NPS was the best school near our area. Straight out of Nursery, my twin sister and I were enrolled into NPS and years later, my other siblings treaded in our footsteps. They say school days are meant to be the most cherished years, and its true! I still remember how strict our principal, Dr.Gopalkrishna was. He would go on rounds between every period and he used to peep into the window and all of a sudden, pin drop silence was maintained in the whole class......

Kavitha Jagadeesh
(1979-80), NPS Rajajinagar, Bangalore

NPS Indiranagar was my Alma Mater for 14 years, right from KGI to Std. XII. In spite of being an alumni it was a well thought out, conscious decision to enroll my ward in the same institution; not just a blind chase of the brand name. Witnessing the achievements of me and my classmates is truly a moment of pride. Each one of us has succeeded on our own terms. Within the portals of our school, what my teachers taught me was beyond the education that the books provided. Discipline, Perfection, Commitment, Focus, Leadership, Values – although these words sound larger than life, this was indeed the way of life in school and they remain my strengths even today.....

Radha Ramgopal
NPS ’98 – Indiranagar, Bangalore

As an Alumni of NPS I often get asked by Parents, “What do you think of NPS, should we send our child there”. I often respond to the parents, “I can give you my view point; the ultimate choice is that of the parent and the child”. Not every parent and not every child could fit the NPS culture, just like every glove won’t fit every hand! I completed my schooling from NPS Rajajinagar many years ago. Looking back at my classmates, I think most did pretty good, surgeons, professors, engineers, fashion designers, businessmen.....

Srinivas Bidare
NPS ’83 - Rajajinagar
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