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    Taking Entrepreneurship to Space

    Neerav Aiyappa of class VIII from NPS International, Mysore attended the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) 2018, from 24 May to 27 May at Los Angeles, California

    This competition was organized by NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University and The National Space Society. This international fest invited all students around the world upto class XII to participate in the 2018 edition. Neerav Aiyappa's proposal of the space hotel, DIADEM, bagged him the First place in the Grade 7 category. He presented a design of the space hotel in the orbital space settlement LEO (Lower Earth Orbit). Neerav attended the 37th annual International Space Development conference in Los Angeles, USA for a Poster and Oral Presentation of his winning proposal.

    He presented a ten minute detailed report on the prize winning proposal of a space hotel 'DIADEM' at NSS/NASA Ames Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. He also prepared and displayed a poster for the proposal at the Poster presentation session. Neerav was one among the 16 members selected for the Universalization Student Debate world premiere pilot programme hosted by EIS Academy and Ohio University.

    Neerav was also chosen as a delegate for a team consisting of Michelle Brunetti, Evan Vera and Ethan Greene. The team debated affirmatively on the topic 'Can Universalization promote Global peace through Co-Operation?' The team was ably mentored by Dr Bob Krone, Hoyt Davidson, Dr L J Edmonds and Dale Skran (the Universalization "Experts" from the Speed-Dating Exercise)

    It was a feather added to the cap of NPS International, Mysore as Neerav was adjudged the best debater during this exclusive contest at NASA.