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    'You' are the Key to Happiness

    The students of class IX-Sharada, Deepanvitha and Akanksha conducted a 'Happiness Workshop' for classes 6 and 7. They interacted with their peers and juniors and imbibed in them the main qualities that will help them prosper as human beings.

    They covered two important topics- 'Happiness' and 'Gratitude'. Happiness, they said, can be classified as pleasure happiness, engaged happiness and meaningful happiness. Pleasure happiness is short lived as it is derived from materialistic needs. We also feel happy when we perform a certain activity but this happiness does not last long too, and can be termed as engaged happiness. Meaningful happiness is long lasting happiness that portrays the quality of a good human being. This can be attained by feeling good about others' achievements. They devised multiple situations that gave the students a better understanding about the different types of happiness.

    The next topic at hand was gratitude. Gratitude is the basic essence of life- A simple 'thank you' never hurts anyone. The students enlightened everyone about the differences between rights and privileges. This brought out the inquisitiveness of the children. Gratitude is necessary to be humble and humane.

    This presentation had a great impact on the students and it was thoroughly enjoyed by them. The feedback given by the children was immensely satisfying. This made us feel proud of our students and proved that a small step in the right direction can make a big difference.