• Founder's day

    Stepping into our Eighth..
    With Courage, Creativity and Faith!!

    Team NPSI Mysore celebrated its seventh birthday on 14 June 2020. Popularly reminisced as Founders’ Day every year, the occasion is earmarked to pay reverence to the founding members of this great institution.

    The special celebrations began early in the morning on Sunday, with the auspicious lighting of the lamp, invoking strength and positivity for the world, during these challenging times. Later, staff members trickled in to the school for their clicks at the Photo Booth and for the surprise take away cake boxes. The norms of social distancing and safety were adhered to, throughout.

    At 10:30 AM, the entire team 'Vroomed into Zoom' for the extravagant virtual celebrations!

    The event was one of a kind and a complete package, replete with music, dance, heartfelt thoughts and grateful expressions! The icing on the cake was a short video clip showcasing faculty members’ love for the school! The Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah, released the school yearbook, Silhouette 2020. It was a proud moment for all to behold the first edition of Spectacular Spectrum- that has colourfully encapsulated all the precious moments of the year gone by.

    In an enrapturing address to the team, the Principal emphasised on the need for courage, creativity, character and strength to be imbibed within each teacher, at all times. “I am because you are!” She said, highlighting that this team will continue to prosper if the core values of interdependence, camaraderie, and self-belief coexist.

    It was an emotional moment when 'cake toasts' were raised to cheer the seven seasons of success! Motivated by Ms Shubha, the team pledged to continue to strive and serve with smiles.

    Though the entire programme was virtual, the enthusiasm, energy and fervour never once saw a dip! The first event of the eighth academic year was thus a grand feat, uniquely special, setting the right tone for the beginning of another positive year ahead!