• Teacher’s Day

    The creative and multi-talented students of class 11 and 12 put together an unforgettable online show to express their gratitude to all the teachers of NPSI Mysore on 05September 2020. The program started off with the students of class 11, personally addressing each and every teacher and thanking them for their effort and dedication. Subsequently, the students of class 12 presented a nostalgic Bollywood number accompanied by various instruments played in perfect synchrony. Then, the students performed a hilarious skit on online class stereotypes, with several short role plays portraying both teachers and students, presenting a humorous yet relatable take on the ups and downs of virtual classes. Afterwards, the students danced to upbeat tunes followed by a heart-warming rendition dedicated to teachers by the school band. The grand finale was a fashion show that took the audience back to late 90s showcasing retro and vintage trends with a modern twist. After the program, the students continued to keep the teachers entertained with a special Teacher’s Day virtual quiz. While Teacher’s Day was a little different this year, what stayed the same was the students’ love for their teachers and their eagerness to express their gratitude to them.