Teachers' Testimonials

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    Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

    As an Art Teacher, I am very lucky to be a part of NPSI family. This institution has helped to exhibit the artistic talent, creative ideas and skills in my students and me. We at NPSI, aim to make every student's ideas blossom and nurture his/her inner skills in a well-planned and progressive manner. Identifying the strength and weakness in a child, facilitate to learn in a systematic manner and face the upcoming challenges with confidence. Our aim at NPSI is to make every student life COLOURFUL.

    Mr Raj Gopal

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    I deem it a great privilege to work at NPSI, Mysore. This journey has been a path of self-discovery. The two P's professionalism and perfection make the institution stand apart from the rest in the city, form the core of the team NPSI, which is reflected in every faculty member. This makes the working environment more rewarding, motivating and challenging, not only for the teachers but also for the students and support staff, offering various opportunities for self-growth. It's here that I found my true calling and evolved into a better version of myself, professionally and as an individual. Three cheers to the team for holding hands and keeping the flag flying high, even in challenging times! 

    Ms Rama Srinath

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    When I first joined the NPS, Mysore family, I was green behind my ears. These few years in this prestigious institution has moulded me into a good educator. This quality has helped me to make learning for the little ones, more meaningful and wholesome. I owe my gratitude to Ms Shubha Achaiah and the management for helping me climb the ladder of school education. I have learnt to work as a team which constantly helped me to inspire children. This family has supported my success at all times, to acquire leadership qualities and to be a disciplined facilitator. I am proud to be a part of this glorious family.

    Ms Sherly P

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    2013 is the year I started my journey in the family of NPSI, Mysore. It year marked the beginning of a wonderful learning experience in my life, which I feel is a good stead throughout my career. 

    Every year had its own unique challenges, this gave me an opportunity to expand my exposure in education sector under the guidance of our Principal.  

    From gaining experience in Symposiums to providing inputs into virtual governance, my ride for the past 7 years has been an eye-opening experience, which moulded me to be a person, apt for the teaching profession. 

    Shilpa Prashanth

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    I am elated to work at NPSI, Mysore, since its inception. This institution has motivated to bring out the best in me. At work place, teachers are always organized and well planned, constantly focusing on building students to become responsible citizens. It aims at the overall development of every child to Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond!

    Suchitha Subramani

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    NPSI, Mysore has provided me a highly professional work environment with a world class standard. I fell in love with the culture of treating each and every member of staff with dignity and warmth. The values we would love to instill in our students at NPSI are strongly rooted in our hearts and we are role models. It has the finest curriculum, right approach in shaping young minds for the future. Here, I found myself doing what I love to do, staying true to what I strongly believe in and above all I could see myself as a passionate learner with new vistas. The unconditional love that children shower, the friendliness and warmth in the air, the beautiful and clean classrooms, dynamic and compassionate leadership, all of these make me feel fortunate, motivated and excited to work here. Like a tree that needs just the right place to spread its branches and grow, I have found a place where I can let my knowledge grow so that my students and I enjoy its fruits.

    Sangeetha B S

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    NPSI, Mysore is a reputed organization that makes educators feel supported and propelled to make difference in students’ lives. For the past seven years as a teacher, I have never felt unsupported or alone; there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice. Our strength is our “TEAM WORK”. Staff here work together to make sure students are provided with quality education and a friendly environment. It feels great to be a part of the group that takes meaningful steps towards transforming our philosophy and values into action! Here, what matters most is the quality of work that one possesses and not the number of years of experience. I thoroughly enjoy teaching by making use of various learning techniques.

    Ms Amrita Singh

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    The first word that comes to mind is “class apart”. I am thrilled that my learning curve has met at NPSI. It gives me immense pleasure to work in such an organised and professional environment. The atmosphere here is very congenial. This school has helped me explore my abilities in many other fields and added strength to my capabilities. Working at NPSI has ignited positive vibes which gives me courage to face challenges in life. I feel proud to be a part of this prestigious and child centric institution. Thanks to this institution for moulding many lives.

    Ms Uma Peshwa

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    At NPSI, we believe in making impossible things possible in any situation or crisis. Learning is made exciting and interesting through fun inclusive activities. Students are given opportunities to explore and showcase their talents. The faculty at NPSI are quick in adapting modern teaching methods, making concepts crystal clear for students to understand.

    Ms Varsha