Tribute from Parents

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    Dear Ma'am,

    it's an amazing thing to see your child do something incredible... today was definitely such a day where we as parents were so happy to see our son n all his classmates perform so well for the very well organised ‘Abracadabra’ event.

    Imran Khan and Farha Ahmed

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    Dear Ma'am,

    I was so amazed yesterday when Sishan.S.Reddy (mont-A beginner) told me he learnt about continents in class, he neatly named out all the continents. As a parent I'm so so happy and amazed about all the learnings happening in school. I eagerly wait everyday to see what new he's learnt. He's learning through fun activities which he enjoys, be it chana pounding or chandan pasting or chapati rolling and kneading. A big applause to the teachers and to you Ma'am.

    Sushma (Parent)

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    Thanks a lot Dear Principal,

    I was surprised to see my daughter back on her feet after reading your message, really the words were power packed, soothing and assuring of all the support. You should assume a bigger role in the society, which is not limited to just NPS institution, honestly. Thanks again!

    Parent of Adhiti Sharma, XI B

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    Dear Ma’am

    During this academic year, we have noticed considerable improvements in her in all the subjects. She now enjoys working problems in mathematics and we extend our sincere thanks to you for taking the extra effort. Her attitude towards Monthly reviews and class activities has progressed.

    Parent of Aparna Kini, III B

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    A message for the team "Please do keep up the GREAT work. Please do not be affected by negative comments of few people, because for every person speaking negative, there are a 1000 people who appreciate the work you do and are highly thankful to the entire team."

    Dr Chetan Anand

    Dr Monica Anand

    Parents of Avyukth Anand, KG 2 B

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    Dear Shubha Ma'am,

    Thank you for providing the kids of NPS Mysore, an opportunity to learn and grow under your able administration. I am grateful to you and the teachers for planning & organizing wonderful and age-appropriate school events. The regular JAM sessions that are organized as part of their curriculum provide kids an exposure for developing communication skills, which are very important at present and in future. The dedication that you and your staff provide towards the all-round development of the kids is truly commendable. I am honoured to have my kid as part of NPS Mysore and I feel proud to be one among the NPS fraternity.

    Preethi (Nidhi’s mother)

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    I am very happy or you could say rather relieved that Mysore has such a school with a great principal and equally good staff to support her. Your thought process is 100% on the child which you have showcased on multiple occasions. It shows a passionate & strong character; hallmark of a great and righteous personality.

    I believe this is what defines the school, the people who run it and the students that they have and develop.

    Wishing you all the very best,

    Sincerely & in your support,

    Fiza’s Parents: Hina Qaiser and Faiz Siddiqui.