Teachers' Testimonials

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    NPSI Mysore, for a sports teacher like me, is like a dream come true. The encouragement and importance given to sports, is tremendous, and for sports lovers, it is a very good grooming experience at the school level. The enthusiasm of sports teachers is very well understood and encouraged by the school with plenty of support from all concerned. As a sports teacher I feel satisfied and optimistic about the development of sports as an activity in this institiution.

    Ms Bindu Nanjappa

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    I feel privileged to say that I am working at NPSI. I am spellbound by the dedicated teachers and students. This has motivated me to give the best in me. I am overwhelmed by the care and concern shown by the Principal, teachers and even the support staff. I have never felt I am in a new environment. Teachers are recognised and appreciated for their good work. I have found a platform to Reach High, Reach out and Reach beyond.

    Ms Sudha S Grade 1 'B' Class Teacher

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    NPS aims at making students dedicated, honest and responsible citizens of future India. It aims at the holistic development of each child, ensuring their growth in academics, sports and values. Creativity is admired and enhanced at NPS. Silhouette gives students the chance to voice their ideas and express their thoughts. The online service acts as a link between the students, parents and management. It also provides easy access to parents reaching the Principal. The parents are also kept up to date with the upcoming events and activities. I have never seen a more organised, well- disciplined and efficient school in life. I am proud to be a part of NPS.

    Ms Ruchi Khanna

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    Working at NPSI Mysore has given me the satisfaction and contentment that I have aspired for, in my professional life. This school provides the ideal platform for putting into force, all that an educator envisions. It has given me, as a teacher, the perfect impetus to want to make a difference. The joy with which children come to school every morning, anticipating a day full of fun-filled learning makes me, as a teacher, want to reach beyond and give better than my best. Children are always happy at NPSI Mysore and that makes my day worthwhile. The Happiness Quotient in the working environment of NPSI Mysore is so very palpable and truly infectious. The positivity the school exudes towards all classroom and school activities makes me feel truly privileged being a part of this legacy called NPS.

    Ms Hema Chander

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    The first word that comes to my mind is "Great". Truly it is a great feeling to be in such a professional and very organised school. There is a lot of opportunity to open up my creativity which was lying idle within me. NPS is one sentence is "Class Apart", "Trend Setter" and Novel. To be a part of NPSI, Mysore is a bright coloured feather in my cap.

    Ms Nandini Pai

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    I feel great to be part of NPS. I like the way NPS system works. It's very organised and planned. NPS makes sure we achieve our daily challenges through motivation. This place has taught me to do lots of multitasking with ease. In NPS every day is learning something new. Thank you for giving me this golden opportunity.

    Ms Anitha

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