Middle Years Programme

In Grades VI to VIII, the programme is designed as a pre CBSE/pre-ICSE/IGCSE foundation level programme in which several of the skills stressed in the IGCSE and CBSE are developed early. The academic programme promotes breadth of study that is invaluable to students as they prepare for Grades IX and X.

This stage of school education focusses on critical learning objectives, with a subject-oriented pedagogical and curricular style.

Students are engaged in work on experiential learning in the sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences and humanities, through a variety of resources.

The focus continues to ensure that our students excel in academics and with overall holistic development. In addition to Art, Music, Dance and Physical Education, there are also many enrichment activities including myriads of inter-house, inter-school and extra-curricular activities ushers these young scholars to the avenues of hitherto undiscovered aptitudes and talents.