• E - Elections 2020

    "Change is the only constant". How much has changed in the last five months, and how well we have adapted to the new normal. NPSI, Mysore witnessed an event, which was one of its kind amidst the current pandemic which was the ‘E-Elections’. This initiative portrays the spirit of NPSites which can never be whimpered come what may.

    The idea of choosing ones School Council virtually was certainly alluring and exciting for students and teachers. The nominations were announced to the students through an online meeting. The Nominees went all out to campaign for themselves and their friends through the social media and this created a buzz on social media and NPSI Mysore was indeed ‘the talk of the town’.

    Students had to cast their vote on the Election Day through the school website. Thanks to our technical crew who created a wonderful portal for voting. Awe! What an experience that was.

    The winners were announced within an hour of voting. Thanks to the technology, it undoubtedly is a boon to the mankind.