Scholastic Programs

NPS International has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum, which helps the child to develop critical thinking, and problem-solving. It is a comprehensive and complete curriculum that has a flexible and easy-to-use format. It provides explicit instruction in all language, reading, science, social and math skills. It combines child-centred explorations with teacher-directed instruction. Above and beyond, it also provides in-depth and on-going formal and informal assessment through the year.

  • Early Years Programme

    The prime focus at NPS International is to give early learners the right foundation. A student at our school begins the journey with the Early Learning Programme, laying the foundation for our framework.

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  • Primary Years Programme

    As students move through the Junior School we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English.

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  • Middle Years Programme

    In Grades VI to VIII, the programme is designed as a pre CBSE/pre-ICSE/IGCSE foundation level programme in which several of the skills stressed in the IGCSE and CBSE are developed early.

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  • Secondary School Program

    Becoming independent learners & setting personal academic goals is an expectation from students as they move through their senior years at school.

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  • Senior Secondary Years Programme

    Senior Secondary years calls for intensive subject matter as our young men and women walk towards the threshold of choosing exciting careers for themselves.

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