The CEO's Message


Mr. Hari Krishnan

Chief Executive Officer,

NPS Educational Institutions

NPS has always been in the forefront of schools where academic excellence and holistic development of each child has been emphasized. NPS International School, Mysore is the newest school, where we bring over 50 years of educational expertise in primary and secondary education to the jewel of Karnataka, Mysore.

At NPS Mysore, we seek to provide that environment where each child is encouraged to attain his/her maximum potential, and our children develop the skills and values which would enable him/her to successfully meet the challenges in our changing world, built on the foundation of principles of hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, discipline and good conduct, that symbolize students who have studied in our schools. We recognize that we need to position our children to succeed in a global environment, and thus 21st century skills have to be developed and honed continuously, and NPS Mysore aims to fulfill that purpose.

NPS Mysore has been designed with spacious classrooms, modern laboratories, library, a swimming pool and a modern state-of-the-art auditorium to provide an environment where each child is comfortable, safe and secure.

At NPS Mysore, we seek to attract the best minds in teaching and development of children, and parents who value our educational approach, and I wish the entire family comprising our students, staff and parents all the very best as we undertake this journey of building young citizens.