The Principal's Message


Ms. Shubha Achaiah


NPS International, Mysore

Learning Gives Creativity, Creativity Leads to Thinking

A good educational structure is the need of the hour to ensure that the students grow to contribute towards the economic growth of a nation. Aptitudes like research, enquiry, creativity, innovation, use of technology and entrepreneurial skills have to be built in the education system for nurturing the students.

In the 21st century the amount of information that we have around us is overwhelming. Students have to learn how to manage the available information collectively and also help it grow. This means that we must give today’s children the required skills, with which they find a way through the sea of knowledge that the world has to offer, and continue with lifelong learning. This also means that there has to be a constant innovation during the learning process. Right from the beginning, the aptitude for entrepreneurship should be cultivated in children. The character to do the right thing and influence others also to do right things will enable them to take up challenging tasks later. If we develop these skills in all our children, we are sure to produce independent, lifelong learners.

In India, most see education as the opportunity of a lifetime for our children to go out and live their dreams. The National Public Schools have built this reputation and every year we set higher standards for ourselves, since 1959. Every child who enters the portals of NPS is the pride of the institution and each one of them has emerged confident and positive, with the spirit of ‘I think therefore I can’. We move on with the same zeal to meet the aspirations of youngsters in Mysore.