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    Shape Seeking

    Helping students to learn about shapes is an important educational activity. The ability to recognize and describe shapes is a fundamental skill, which provides foundation for advanced skills.

    Shapes help students to develop a wide range of important skills such as :

    Enhancement of verbal communication to describe objects effectively

    Development of logical thinking through sorting that helps students to think about the attributes of an object, to recognize the similarity and differences between various objects in their surroundings. Eg: square window, triangle wafers

    Recognition of shapes and letters

    Knowing geometry, where students learn about the surface of shapes by rolling and stacking in 3 dimensions

    Montessori Juniors were asked to pick chits with shapes (quadrilaterals, curved and basic shapes) drawn therein. Students were to recognize the shapes that they picked and find the place where frames of shapes were kept on the chowki. At the end of the activity, students were able to recall, recognize and name most of the shapes.